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It’s got an elevated version of my must-have pasar malam pasar malam item, okonomiyaki, but at a comfortable restaurant – YAY! What’s cool is I can even cook the Japanese pancake myself with a grill on my table.

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CNA featured us!

                                                        One of 13 best teppanyaki restaurants in Singapore for every budget.


Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancake

This is probably my favourite place in the entire list! The way they serve their pancakes is so unique! First and foremost, Seiwaa is an Okonomiyaki and Teppanyaki restaurant.


Happy Okonomiyaki Dinner

It's only Tuesday and the human is already totally shag form the office..Time for delicious food OSAKA STYLE! Dig in everyone!



Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki 

Overall, I felt it was a nice cosy place.Service was very prompt and helpful.Food was not bad~ Of course lah,  since we cook it ourselves... wahahhaah

It's fun and interactive. Suitable for families too.

 There are many other dishes in the menu too~Do try them out.

I would rate a 7/10.

Aburi Mentai Selmon.jpg

Aburi Mentai Selmon

this was pretty dope too! All that cremy goodness while waiting for your okonomiyaki too cook. Very nice service form the friendly chef.


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Good Food & Best Restaurants in Singapore

Mixed Monjayaki 

With squid, prawns, dried shrimps and pork. We got the staff to help us cook it. The cabbage was sliced very thinly on the hotplate. I really love the flavourful taste but it gets salty at the end. I think we didn cook it long enough to make it crispy on one side.


DIY Sambal & Tom Yum Japanese Pancakes Along Dunlop Street

Not only will Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant guarantee a new side of Japanese grills with dishes like the Tonpeiyaki and Seafood Monja, but they will also make your dining experience a fun one with the flexibility to DIY the food.

And honestly? I wouldn’t dare pass on the souffle pancakes if I were you.


Seiwaa – Cheap and Good Okonomiyaki

Never underestimate Japanese street food, for they can fill you up as well as a bowl of ramen can. Expect to be treated with fresh ingredients all the way from Japan. Furthermore, if you’re up for a challenge, they have a 1 for 1 90 minutes Ala Carte Buffet that will fill you up to the brim. An unpretentious and homely restaurant offering an experience of Japan on a griddle; What’s not to love?

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